Thursday, 21 February 2008

Search Marketing 101

It's been 7 years since I worked for which owned and operated the Search Engine Watch web site and related trade shows. I am currently attending the London show thanks to friend and former colleague Susan Leiterstein (contact info here), a VP of Sales at Incisive who bought the properties from

While online marketing is still <10% on average of corporate marketing budgets, it offers pinpoint performance tracking. While this has always been the case online, the breadth and depth of what's now available in analytics and benchmarking of online ad performance is incredible.

The big news in web analytics is that the cottage industry of analytics providers now has to compete with Google which has launched Google Analytics and Google Optimizer as FREE companion products to Google Adwords.

Advisen has so much to offer subscribers and I am amazed by how many simple tactics now exist that can help our subscribers find more of what they want and to help us find new subscribers.

This has all been sparked by high demand for our recent reports on subprime and other topics, as posted here. More to come on this subject.

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