Monday, 17 March 2008

The ink on the contracts isn't even dry...

On the first trading day after the JP Morgan buyout of Bear Stearns, Coughlin Stoia filed the first Securitis Class Action Suit against Bear Stearms.

Advisen has been tracking all of the other (subprime-related) cases against Bear Stearns that lead up to this liquidity crunch and buyout.

Advisen Front Page News will will have a Featured Case article covering the suit and listing out the other cases for tomorrow's edition. To subscribe to Front Page News click here.

To get your hands on Advisen's database of over 4,000 security class actions (out of 8,000+ cases in total), call +1.212.897.4820 in New York or +44(0)20 7929 6929 in London or

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