Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Advisen M&A ?

I was asked recently by Mergermarket about whether Advisen would be interested in M&A activity. Here's the relevant excerpt from the published article (which is for their subscribers only so I don't provide a link):
New York-based insurance data group Advisen ... although US-based, ... operates in Europe, through its London office. Advisen's managing director for Europe Mason Power ... said the group could engage in M&A activity if there was a "two plus two equals six type of concept". "We are always looking for third parties we can work with. If it made more sense to our clients to do M&A, then we would look at it," he added. Advisen has some 100 employees, and provides information into underwriting, marketing and purchasing commercial insurance. The group is privately-funded and independently-owned.

Advisen has partnered with dozens of firms (clients and third parties) to aggregate the leading database and set of analytics in the commercial lines insurance industry. Where we can work with any third party to deliver value to our customers, we are very interested. Contact me to discuss.

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