Thursday, 2 October 2008

What Risk Managers are Saying about AIG

In the wake of AIG's near collapse, there were a lot of rumors about a mass exodus of corporate policyholders of the AIG insurance subsidiaries.

Advisen had 1,000 buyers of commercial insurance complete a survey. Having a 15% response rate means they were dying to speak up.

Most commercial insurance buyers reported to Advisen that, while they are confident in the financial strength of AIG following the $85 billion loan by the federal government, two thirds of AIG commercial lines policyholders plan to get quotes from AIG’s competitors when their policies renew. Excerpting from Advisen’s Special Report, one likely outcome is that AIG will compete vigorously to retain business, potentially intensifying price competition in an already-soft insurance market.

The full report is available by e-mailing
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