Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Professional Lines Market Speaks

Yesterday Advisen published a report on how D&O losses will be $5.9 billion from subprime and the credit crisis, the report is here.

Today we published a report on E&O losses - an additional $3.7 billion. We are the only player to publicly forecast this figure - because we have data that others don't have. The report is here.

In today's press release we also called for the end of the soft market. Not just in D&O or E&O for financial institutions, but broadly. See the release here.

We've had a ton of feedback on this. Tomorrow we're publishing comments from the following: Ryan Collier, Kevin Lacroix, Christopher J. Cavallaro, Peter Taffae, Joe O’Donnell, Chris Warrior, Brian Wanat, Gary Dubois, Paul Schiavone, Chris Duca, Nick Conca, Chris Hewitt, Tim Kelly, Jason White, Larry Goanas, Dennis Donovan and Dennis Gustafson.

I just wish we'd hooked up a chat board around this.
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