Friday, 20 November 2009

A new chapter

It's been 10 years since I worked for a company with more than 400 employees. Today with the sale of AgencyPort, which was bought by a large ($270m in sales) global services and software company (Sword Group), I'm part of a company with over 1,800 in staff globally.

I'm looking forward to it actually. The role is a good one for me, and Sword operates in 50 countries, I enjoy working in different markets. We get to keep our team together, we pick up the US operations in the insurance industry and other software complementary offerings for our target market.

I'll still be working on strategy, selling new products, selling in new markets, doing product marketing and other means of growing the top line. Sword does $77.5 million in insurance with the acquisition complete and we are targeting $96 million in 2010. Clients get the combination and value our larger footprint (meaning our balance sheet story just got stronger and it's easier for buyers to reccommend us), and the feedback about the announcement has been great.

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