Thursday, 1 May 2008

Don't forget us little people

I want to congratulate our friends at Exari on building a business from scratch and finding the right investment partner to get them to the next level.

Exari is document assembly software and while it was initially designed by lawyers for use by other lawyers who build the same legal documents repeatedly, the software is well-suited to the commercial lines insurance industry. Guy Carpenter have found a great way of using it and Marsh is working it into their systems now.

I share offices with Geoff Maskell and Martin Kett who opened up Exari Europe and launched it into banking and insurance companies and if you read the press release about the private equity firm's investment (here), you'll see how they are now big shot VPs and Board Members. I just hope that when they return from the RIMS Conference, that they remember us little people.

Congrats also to Exari founder Jamie Wodetzki, whose Breakfast Blog is among my favorite reads.

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