Thursday, 1 May 2008

Benchmarking comes to the UK

Yesterday Advisen and AIRMIC announced the launch of a Benchmark Survey similar to the one Advisen has produced for RIMS for 6 years.

Picking up on my theme of how empirical data is superior to anecdotal data (see post here) AIRMIC Benchmark Survey is the only one of its kind in the UK where data is collected directly from risk managers, thereby providing the most accurate tracking of buying trends for all major coverage lines across a wide array of commercial insurance buyers.

For more information on participating or getting results, please e-mail

The survey results will provide AIRMIC members and other subscribers with benchmarking charts using relevant peer group comparisons. The data will make risk managers and other industry professionals more informed in considering the structure and expected cost of their insurance programmes. The service will answer questions such as “How much coverage do my peers buy?” or “Am I paying too much for my insurance?”

Risk managers who are not currently AIRMIC members are welcome to participate and/or to use the results of the survey in making more informed decisions about their insurance programs.

AIRMIC chief executive John Hurrell said,
“We have long admired the RIMS Benchmark Survey and are delighted to work
with Advisen on producing something similar.”

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