Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Credit Crisis Loss Review: Clash Cases Abound

In looking at the developing litigation database around subprime, Advisen tracks ‘clash’ cases, also called ‘related cases’ in a number of ways.

First, the classic related case, a single complaint that names multiple parties. In these cases, especially securities class actions, a company is sued and the complaint also names the auditors and/or lawyers for any malpractice and possibly underwriters related to any public debt offerings.

Advisen categorizes these cases by party and allegations made against that entity. A company is entered under Securities, the auditors/lawyers/underwriters are entered under Professional Practices. Losses are associated with the party that actual paid it, making it simpler to calculate D&O losses from E&O losses.

For the Subprime/Credit Crisis, we have 30 related cases as of April 28:
Related ID: 7561 Calamos Global Dynamic Fund 2008
Related ID: 7201 Deutsche Bank 2008
Related ID: 7182 Bank of America 2008
Related ID: 7181 Huntington Bancshares 2007-2008
Related ID: 7061 HSH Nordbank - UBS 2008
Related ID: 7041 Centerline 2007-2008
Related ID: 6982 Nomura 2008
Related ID: 6962 MBIA 2008
Related ID: 6961 Ambac Financial 2008
Related ID: 6941 National City 2008
Related ID: 6862 Morgan Stanley 2007-08
Related ID: 6841 Teletech 2008
Related ID: 6802 Tarragon 2007
Related ID: 6801 Impac Mortgage 2007
Related ID: 6781 E*Trade Financial 2007
Related ID: 6742 Luminent Mortgage 2007
Related ID: 6741 New Century Financial 2007
Related ID: 6321 Bear Stearns 2007 - 2008
Related ID: 6241 Sagittarius CDO 2007
Related ID: 6222 Thornburg Mortgage 2007
Related ID: 6181 UBS 2007
Related ID: 6003 Homebanc 2007
Related ID: 5981 Regions Morgan Keegan Select Bond Funds 2007
Related ID: 5661 Citigroup 2007
Related ID: 5603 Washington Mutual 2007
Related ID: 5283 Hovnanian 2007
Related ID: 5163 Beazer Homes 2007
Related ID: 5162 Countrywide Financial Corp 2007
Related ID: 5161 Fremont General Corp 2007
Related ID: 5021 American Home Mortgage 2007

Second, Advisen tracks cases that have a common initial trigger. Examples of this are Enron, the In Re: IPO cases and the Subprime and Credit Crisis cases.
Subprime & Credit Crisis: Related Case ID 4000 – Total Cases to date: 280; Losses to date: $87,156,390.
Clash cases that are sub-types to the Credit Crisis:
Related ID: 7503 Student Loans - Credit Crisis 2008 - Various cases as secondary to Subprime
Related ID: 7123 Credit Default Swaps 2008 - CDS failures re subprime crisis
Related ID: 7202 Auction Rate Securities 2006 - 2008 - Cases related to ARS, sales practices and credit crunch

Third, we track cases by type of remarkable risk. These types of cases filed by different parties and governmental entities around specific allegations. For example: anti-trust and price-fixing charges, market timing violations and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
The example of this for Subprime/Credit Crisis cases is:
Related ID: 5923 Predatory Lending - Investigations from Mortgage Crisis

Subprime and credit crisis litigation is so pervasive that we now have to track the various strains of it.

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