Monday, 28 April 2008

Benefits of ECF

This month's Market Reform newsletter (here) offers a very good article by executives at Lockton detailing how use of ECF has allowed a higher degree of focus and execution on the complex tasks of broking claims while reducing the unnecessary overhead of handling routine claims matters. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

You can put together a package of, say, six claims, totalling no more than
€1000 in a matter of minutes. Previously these would have taken hours to walk
round the market.

The MI reports that the in house workflow system is now capable of producing
allow for a much more proactive approach to the working day....(which) allows us
to start to measure each stage of the process. This in turn means we can start
to set target turnaround times for each stage and flag up where these aren’t
met. This means that we can manage by exception and not just progress work in
strict order.

(Before ECF) claims staff were constrained by the hours that underwriters
were open to accept files

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