Friday, 4 April 2008


CEO in town week is always action-packed. Some of the highlights of movements around London:

Advisen has been added to the committee for PLUS Europe. Tom Ruggieri is on the main committee and I am on the Working Group, chaired by Tom Sheffield of Aon. PLUS has built a solid franchise for networking and learning in the Professional Lines industry and we are pleased to help them take the Europe chapter forward under the leadership of Andrew Newman of RK Carvill.

Interestingly, Tom Sheffield practiced law for a firm in Chicago in defense of insurance companies in D&O cases, and Aon has made a very shrewd move in hiring Tom to lead their Technical Practice. With his deep experience on the way the product works, Tom is a leading expert on how wordings and structure can be tailored to respond as imagined by a client.

On the subject, I loved this quote from Matthew Allen of London law firm Eversheds:

Insurance is not like a betting slip you just collect on, it's a living,
breathing organism that you have to manage with careful expertise to ensure it
responds when you need it.

Steve McGill was at the PLUS dinner, having just left as leader of XL's Professional Lines in Paris to head up a similar team for Catlin US, based in Los Angeles.

There will be another PLUS Europe Symposium in London in October 2008 dealing with the impact of the financial markets turmoil on the D&O and PI / E&O industries with Advisen leading a panel.

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