Monday, 28 April 2008

What brokers do and how they get paid

How do buyers of commercial insurance work with their brokers now? Since the Spitzer investigations rocked Marsh and others in the industry, have things changed? How has the fierce soft market impacted the way brokers are paid? Advisen and RIMS wanted to find out.

Today is the first day of the annual RIMS Conference and we announce the results of the Advisen / RIMS Broker Services and Remuneration Study — based on data gathered in February from 1,519 participants — which has found that insurance buyers are driving brokers to change their service offerings and the way brokers are compensated.

The results are part of the 2008 RIMS Benchmark Survey™ book available here.

While virtually all survey respondents continue to use brokers to place insurance programs, the majority agree that brokers are shifting from commissions to fee-based compensation. With this shift towards fee-based pricing, respondents note a broker trend towards supplementing dwindling commission income with added services.

It's an incredible tool for buyers to benchmark the value for money received from their brokers and for management at brokerage firms to benchmark the level of services they offer as compared to their competition.

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