Wednesday, 25 February 2009

D&O Liability: Beyond Class Action Lawsuits

Advisen has just published a 38-page report on securities litigation and new challenges to Boards of Directors and the D&O insurance market. Securities class action suits – which were a minority of securities suits filed in 2008 – no longer are a reliable barometer of public company D&O insurance trends.

Methodologies used by the D&O market to price trends in the past are no longer relevant. The Advisen report goes well beyond anything published by other researchers to break out all forms of securities litigation that might trigger Directors & Officers or Errors & Omissions coverage and details shortcomings in D&O claims management that are contributing to higher defense costs.

To help readers track potential exposure by company, Advisen’s report includes the list of companies facing lawsuits in 2008 and the list of companies facing multiple lawsuits over the past thirteen years.

The information contained in Advisen’s report is not freely available on the web or in any other source and is more complete and relevant than reports from other sources which charge far more for their reports.

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Among my favorite quotes in the report from an Advisen customer is “We miss Bill Lerach”.

The Advisen report contains new research but follows a series of Advisen research papers detailing the impact of the subprime and credit crisis on the D&O market. The running tally by Advisen now shows more than 660 major lawsuits from this global economic trauma including 148 securities class actions.

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