Thursday, 26 February 2009

Notes from the PLUS D&O Conference

Always good to see clients, friends and even some folks who admitted to being readers of this blog. We're in the process of redesigning and will be featuring blog posts from Dave Bradford and me among others and pull in from other favorite commentators.

Dave presented at PLUS about the correlation of bankruptcies and D&O loss and the audience really seemed connected to this important topic. The findings Dave presented were a small part of the research Advisen can conduct and we are looking for equity partners in the project.

This means firms with interest in getting a securities litigation risk score for all U.S. public companies based on their risk of bankruptcy should contact me. By joining others in the initial funding partners will be the only recipients of these risk scores. if interested.

VJ Dowling who I enjoyed meeting at the Allied World party (they have a company rock band which did some good covers), provided a bit of color to Dave about the performance of Odyssey Re (see earlier post about trailing twelve month market cap performance for commercial insurance companies).

Apparently Odyssey's CEO has said he'd love to claim underwriting genius but it was the brilliance of their chief investment officer who foresaw the credit crisis and bet accordingly. If you look at the chart he must have been selling what Joe Cassano at AIG was buying.

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