Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What's 30,000 Reference Resources Between Friends?

I had a caller from Willis in Oklahoma today call about a client who wanted to be insured against liability for problems at their Italian restaurant chain in the mid-west. The broker wanted a loss run to compare to the clients' own claims experience.

I checked out our MSCAd Large Loss Database (see info here) and since we cover the largest cases first, we covered the infamous "Why didn't you tell me your coffee was hot?" suit against McDonald's (and another one where a Mom sued for a kid falling out of its high chair at McDonald's - my 2yr old son does that at least twice a meal, he must have been born with a steel plate in his skull). But this wasn't going to do - the client had 100 claims last year and we didn't have enough of this granular loss data.

So I turned to our catch-all database called rmLibrary which contains links to 30,000 pages on the web and other resources and found the four links below. I love that in addition to preventing them (the best scenario) there are resources devoted to investigating and proving the damages!

Anyway, this is why Advisen partners with Libraries & Directories and carries their rmLibrary product for all of our subscribers. (See details about expanded partnership here). They don't have loss runs for this either but they have killer content at your fingertips.

The fellow in Oklahoma should subscribe soon and I couldn't resist asking him what caused most of the clients' 100 claims: overwhelmingly it was "chicken bones in the spaghetti". GROSS.

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