Friday, 17 April 2009

Why Say Yourself What a Client Can Say Better?

One of our retail broker subscribers posted a note internally to colleagues about why they should use Advisen - because it helps them make money. I have excerpted in the below for weekend reading - on the flight to RIMS?

Ready to Close that Deal?
Advisen may be the solution!

Whatever happened to the good old days of loyalty coupled with an insurance broker who provides better value than their competitors? In these tough times as all sectors of the economy struggle to tread water, many of us are probably wondering why accounts that we have had ten or twenty years are heading for the door. There is one answer: The bottom line. Do not give up quite yet! There is a software tool that can:
1) Increase the ratio of your sales
2) Provide your client or prospect with valuable information about their industry and insurance policy
3) Clearly put the term “value” back into the minds of the consumers

Advisen is fueling global business insurance with the industry’s first ever online knowledge marketplace.

Advisen’s wealth of information resources, combined with a sophisticated search engine, data mining, and analytical tools provide strategic information services to the insurance industry. By aggregating information relevant to the business insurance industry, Advisen has created a workspace where insurance underwriters, brokers and business managers assess, quantify and evaluate risk within and across domains, benchmark performance against best practices, and track regulatory developments.

Recently, a colleague asked me if I could check what the self-retention average for a company who specializes in real estate management with revenue over $100 million dollars would be. After filling out the brief search engine questionnaire on the software, I was able to create a graph which illuminated the average retention of similar companies across the country. Based on this information, we were able to determine that the retention was right where it needed to be.

We didn’t stop there. I used Advisen to do a policy form comparison between the incumbent broker’s policy form and the carrier’s form that we were planning to use. We were able to show the prospect where the norm in terms of retention fell for their industry, the difference in wording between policies, and also how that could affect the payout of a claim in the event of a loss. To say the least, the prospect was very impressed.

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