Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Service in the UK

In a country where 75% of GDP is from the "service sectors" (the other 24% is in "industry" and 1% in "agriculture"), we're consistently appalled at the poor level of service in the UK.

For example, when we moved here it took 5 weeks to get cable installed. When the cable guys called to say that they were finally coming, they announced that if they got a parking ticket they would bill me for it.

Or today, I called British Gas because I have paid my bills yet have received a string of letters, the latest threatening legal action against me. Turns out that they had created a new (and incorrect) account and that my original account was not only current, but I was ahead on payments. At least there was an apology.

Then BT calls just as I'm explaining this situation to a friend. BT wants to "improve their levels of service" and asked about a recent service request I had made of BT (which I told him had actually gone well). When he heard it had been my intern who had made the request, and not me, he didn't say anything, he just hung up. I feel reassured that he'll be the one training new service reps at BT.

There just isn't enough competition here among service providers.

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