Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Speaking to many

Atop my list of reasons why social media helps in measurable ways is how easy one speaks with many. Key to Bloomberg's success was our key which enabled bond salesperson communication with many customers simultaneously.

Today I saw another great example of this from Advisen's PR all star. Patrick Ward and his team at 104West represent a series of new customers. Using the technology from one of these new firms (Goldmail), Patrick sent a video by e-mail with voice-over a slide show talking about these clients and proudly showing off his new offices and growing team. It was very effective communication.

Among the new customers was Hivelive which offers white-labeled social media applications for plug-in and they appear to stand out in a crowd because their tools enable the readers to configure the social media apps rather than the publishers.

It just goes to show that because I respect Patrick's views, I took the time to look at all 7 of the new clients mentioned. Patrick, if he took the time to think it through, would realize Advisen would be interested in some of these. New media/social media saved him that time and maybe gave HiveLive a lead.

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